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Inter House Cookery Contest 2017-18
May 22, 2017, 11:21 am

A cookery contest  was organized by INTEGRATED INDIAN SCHOOL to make the  students realize the essence of a mother”s  love  and dedication she pours in to cook a sumptuous meal for her family. The contest included  teams of students from all the four houses belonging to  class 11 and 12 [Knowledge ,Truth,Happiness ,and Success] to invent low cost yet nutritious meal.

Once the teams got into their business, the aroma of sautéed fresh garlic,roasted  tandoori  chicken, from the nearby cooking stations started emanating to wide open our taste buds. The little whiff of fresh citrus fruits, flamboyant apples made the students and teachers go crazy.

What was the hidden reason behind such frenzy culinary creativity competition?
Nothing else but to make children discern the supremacy of their mother”s intimacy and fondness towards them. The prominent personalities who  were solicited to grace the occasion to adjudicate  the contest  were Mr.Hassan[ chef Kuwait Airways]  and  Mrs. Jensy[Winner of culinary competitions LULU].

Success  house received the reward for the overall presentation.The team mates of Happiness house procured the award for the best Dessert, the Main course meal fetched the award to Knowledge House members. Last but not the least,  The members of Truth House secured its position for the Starters.

An Afternoon That Was Worth It…..Quite A Memorable One….

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