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Intel launches credit card-sized PC
June 4, 2017, 5:12 pm

Intel launched its Compute Card, a credit card-sized device that is basically an entire PC, at the Computex 2017 show in Taipei last week. The company officially launched the card with a full list of partners and what we can expect to see from them product-wise. Some of these devices were at the show and ranged from Sharp showing off digital signage using the Compute Card, while Seneca and Foxconndisplayed mini PCs. LG stuck the Compute Card in its monitors to turn them into all-in-ones. In future the card might also show up in tablets and interactive whiteboards. Intel says the Compute Card will start shipping in August.

Surprisingly, Intel’s most well-known partners, including Lenovo, HP, and Dell, were not ready to show off their products. Intel says they will definitely create something but we do not have an idea of what those devices might be.

The compute card will be available in four variants:

The company’s also putting out its design kit today that includes guides and reference designs for developers. The Compute Card might not take over, but it at least is giving us hope for a future of powerful pocket PCs.

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