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Intel introduces Skylake
September 15, 2015, 3:17 pm

Intel finally made a breakthrough in transitioning from 22nm to the 14nm dies. It took the company about four years to develop the Skylake architecture, its 6th Generation Core family with 48 processors.

Experts say the new processor family is one of Intel's strongest advancements yet, with the new14nm processor offering a better experience overall with faster boot times and longer battery life.

Intel claims that its new Core processors are lighter, more compact, more powerful and more energy-efficient, and will impact consumers in a number of ways.

Because they are faster, so you can do things more quickly and multitask without the system hanging. They will start up much faster with some waking up in half a second. It will support 4K video and 4K video gaming, using less power.

The energy efficiency of the new 14nm processor will give manufacturers not only better performance, but also more design freedom to create products that consumers want. In the near future you can expect to see lighter systems, sleeker designs, fan-less 2-in-1s, hardcore gaming laptops and desktops, tiny compu-sticks and all-in-ones with thinner and wider screens, in the near future.

If you are looking to upgrade your computer, there has never been a better time. Microsoft and Intel worked closely to ensure that the recently launched Windows 10 and the new 6th Generation Intel Core CPUs were tuned to harmonize.

With the new processor, Intel’s RealSense technology and Windows Hello will enable you to log in with your face and with audio embedded at the chip level expect Cortana to be even more precise and useful. Similar gains are also likely in OS X devices, when Apple begins shipping products with Skylake.

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