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Insurance-based clinics to open soon for expats
October 24, 2018, 8:54 am

Expatriates will soon be able to receive medical treatment in clinics that are operating on basis of “dhamaan” (insurance), reports Al-Anba daily quoting the Minister of Health Dr. Bassel Al-Sabah.

He indicated that there is a new addition to the health system in its preventive, treatment, rehabilitation and palliative dimensions and standards. In a press statement issued by Ministry of Health, Dr. Bassel Al- Sabah explained that the process of bidding and awarding tenders on the company happened through Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA).

The furnishing of the hospitals with medical devices and equipment will be under the authority of the “dhamaan” medical hospitals. He stressed that the ministry has no role in the allocation of land for such hospitals.

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