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Institution of Engineers (India) – Kuwait Chapter Conducts its 20th AGM
June 3, 2014, 10:10 am

IEI banners, flowers and long speeches were conspicuously absent during the 20th AGM conducted by Institution of Engineers (India) Kuwait chapter on 24 May 2014 at Salmiya Indian Model School (SIMS), Salmiya, Kuwait. The past committee General Secretary Engr. Karunagaran welcomed the members to the 20th AGM of the chapter, which was postponed earlier from 21st    April 2014 to 24th May 2014.

The first session was handed over to Engr. P. Sundararajan and his team for an interesting seminar on the “Energy Systems in Geo-Biology”. Engr. Sundararajan explained in detail the various forms of Energies like the Cosmic Energy, the Earth Energy, Magnetic energy,  etc and showed various diagrams and picture on the magnetic grid lines which are very important for everyone to understand it importance as these grid lines can cause  geo-pathos – earth diseases if they cut through the places we live.

 Interesting videos where shown on the experiments conducted by Geo- biologist around the globe. Engr. A.V.D. Ravishankar dealt with some case studies on Geo- biology. Engr. Karunagaran, Gen. Secretary, thanked the presenters for their thought provoking seminar on the Energy systems in Geo- Biology.

The Second Session was opened for the election of the new committee as the old committee was dissolved. Engr. Sundararajan, Engr. Zaidi, Engr. Sadasivam were nominated as the election officials for conducting the elections of the new committee. Nominations were received for the post of Hon. Chairman, Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer and for the 8 executive members.

Before the start of the election process the past chairman Dr. Rumane addressed the gathering and dealt in detail the efforts taken by the previous committee to promote IEI.  He stressed that the committee members nominated for the each portfolio should evince keen interest by providing his full involvement in accomplishing the tasks and takes the support of the others for achieving the objectives of the chapter.

The election officials scrutinized the nominations and declared the posts.  As only one nomination were received for the post of Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer and for the 8 Executive Committee members post all were elected unanimously. Engr. Inbatamizh Ilangovan was appointed as the Auditor for the year 2014-15 and the entire team was approved by the general body.

Chairman elect Engr. Joseph Panicker in his inaugural speech explained the tasks ahead for the new committee and requested every one’s whole hearted support to carry on the ideals of the IEI and making the chapter vibrant once again.   Considering the financial position he suggested some austerity measures like having a 2 months holiday period and to reduce the expenses at every corner including the EC meetings.

The General Body approved the proposals made by the chairman. The Chairman concluded by saying that our Mother India is undergoing a wind of change, The same wind of change in our attitude can make our Chapter sustainable and together once again we can make our IEI chapter as the best of its kind in the Middle-East.
Traditional South Indian vegetarian dinner was sponsored by the Geo-biologist and the same was served to the attending members

The Newly Elected IEI_ Kuwait Chapter Executive members for the period 2014-15:


1.   Engr. Joseph Panicker             -      Chairman

2.   Dr. M. Mahendiran                       -      General Secretary

3.   Engr. S. Senthil Kumar            -       Treasurer

4.   Engr. Hirak Kumar Mitra          -       Executive Member

5.   Engr. Somasundaram V.T        -       Executive Member

6.   Engr. Thomas John                       Executive Member

7.   Engr. Ashish Koranne              -      Executive Member

8.   Engr. A.V.D.K.Ravishankar      -       Executive Member

9.   Engr. S. Krishnan              -      Executive Member

10. Engr. Sunil Thomas Varghese         -      Executive Member

11. Engr. S. Subalakshmi               -      Executive Member

12. Engr. Inbatamizh Ilangovan           -      Auditor


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