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Instagram launches ‘archive’ feature to hide photos
June 18, 2017, 1:06 pm

Instagram’s new ‘archive’ feature available to everyone from this week, allows users to hide any of their posts from anyone else – either permanently or indefinitely. You can archive any photo or video on your profile by tapping the ‘three-dot’ button in the top right of the post, and then selecting ‘archive’.

After being archived, these posts move into a special section of the app located at the top right corner of your profile. This archive page and all the posts inside it are only visible to you. You can opt to eventually unarchive a photo and ‘show on profile’, or just leave it there forever for your personal records.

The feature is slightly reminiscent of Snapchat’s Memories section, which is designed to hold photos and videos you capture for posterity, but do not necessarily want to share with friends or on your story. The only difference is you cannot post an Instagram directly to the archive folder — the photo has to be in the public domain at least for a second so you can switch pages and add it to your archive.

It will be interesting to see if Instagram ever launches a feature to keep a photo private from the start — almost like a built-in ‘finstagram’, which is what some people call their second, ‘fake’ and secret Instagram account designed to memorialize personal photos and maybe share them with very close friends and family.

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