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August 30, 2015, 12:03 pm

The home-based business, InfusionsKW, encourages people to use more of ‘real’ food; from what surrounds us in nature instead of buying packaged foods from supermarkets that contain flavor enhancers, GMOs, MSG, processed sugar and salt, preservatives, coloring, and other additives. Its menu serves a great variety of spreads, sauces and snacks.

Back to School Special *KD 10

InfusionsKW's 'Back to School Special' has creative items to feed kids, for breakfast or for their snack time at school. Since many schools here offer chips and oil-laden pizzas or fatayer for sale at the canteen, give your kids a healthy choice by adding a lot of veggies like cucumber and carrot sticks and fruits like grapes and apples, alongside Infusions KW's creative 'Trail Mix' to take on the go. You could also do many other items with various InfusionsKW spreads: try them on healthy biscuits made of quinoa, or on a fresh bagel, toast, or scramble them with eggs; you could even substitute the spreads in place of mayonnaise and ketchup.

With many schools resuming around this time of the year, InfusionsKW is offering their Back-to-School promotion for the rest of August. It includes a package of 1 honey butter + 1 olive tapenade + 1 tangy pomegranate zaatar + 1 turmeric honey, for KD10 instead of KD12.

Also try their most-selling, coarse-grained Pink Himalayan Salt as well as Habanero Mango Chutney as a perfect companion to any rice dish, to add a very spicy sweet zing to meals, as a tasty spread on bread, or dipping, or try it as a dressing for a bold salads or veggie stir-fry.  

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