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Infrastructure projects begin to show positive impact
July 20, 2016, 4:30 pm

The impacts arising from investments made by the African Development Bank Group (AfDB) in 2015 has collectively improved mobility of at least 1.2 million users of public transport, resulted in employment generation of about 200,000 jobs in the ITC sector and benefitted almost 18 million people from improvements in road infrastructure, says the AfDB in its Annual Report on Transport and Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

The report highlights the Bank's continued support for the development of efficient transportation and telecommunication infrastructure to promote regional integration, support agriculture development, and facilitate the industrialization of Africa.

According to the report, efficient transport and ICT systems minimize transaction costs, transit times and uncertainties and can facilitate the participation of African countries in agriculture and manufacturing value chains. In addition, transport contributes to improving livelihoods and inclusiveness by providing access to social services and job opportunities. Similarly, investment in ICT supports spinoffs in information access, innovation, skills, and job creation.

During the course of 2015, the Bank invested in a total of 17 transport and ICT operations for a value of US$2 billion. Regional highways linking Brazzaville (Congo) and Yaoundé (Cameroon), and Bamako (Mali) and the port of San Pedro (Côte d'Ivoire) are examples of cross-border corridors that promote regional integration and intra-African trade.  These investments are expected to support growth of efficient global value chains and promote competiveness of the countries' economies. There are currently 114 Transport and ICT projects under implementation in 44 countries valued at more than US $11 billion.

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