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Information Minister develops live webcasting to herald upcoming elections
November 23, 2016, 5:42 pm

The Ministry of Information (MoI) has revamped live webcasting to allow viewers access to all local state channels as well as the 2016 parliamentary elections through the ministry's official website,

Speaking to KUNA on Wednesday, spokesman for the MoI and Undersecretary of the planning and cognitive development department Mohammad Al-Awash said the ministry seeks to embrace the latest forms of digital media.

Moreover, he said the ministry has developed live webcasts on smart phones and encourages users to update their phones with the proper applications in order to get access.

On these live webcasts, he said it allows viewers of Kuwait television to watch the channel on the internet so that they would not miss out on major events, including the impending 2016 parliamentary elections.

He also pointed out that Kuwait TV will provide up to the minute coverage of the elections as it transpires, noting that the ministry has launched its own channel on YouTube as well as other social media outlets.

Al-Awash noted that the ministry has overhauled the aforementioned website in order to ensure extensive coverage of the elections, where viewers will get exclusive, round-the clock coverage. 

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