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Info minister lauds Gulf women's colorful media experience
November 7, 2018, 8:54 am

Kuwaiti Minister of Information and Minister of State for Youth Affairs Mohammad Al­Jabri stressed Tuesday the importance of highlighting the rich experience of Gulf women in the journalism and media field, which she occupied with true dedication and high level of professionalism.

Al­Jabri made his remarks in the opening ceremony of the second Gulf female journalists' forum, held under his auspices, pointing out Gulf female journalists' remarkable role in serving their countries under support, trust, and appreciation of their governments and people.

The event, organized by Kuwait Journalists Association and Gulf Press Association, reflects depth of the brotherly relationship and media cooperation that link Kuwait with the rest of GCCmember countries, he said.

The forum is an important platform to form policies, establish a joint­cooperation among Gulf media institutions and personnel, and continue communication among Gulf journalists, Al­Jabri said, adding it also aims to solve media­related issues in the region and provide professional media training courses based on most recent international training standards.

Media is a communication vehicle for authorities and people, he noted, pointing out the significant burdens of the profession in light of fast technological revolution, massive amount of news items that float around the social media sources without any inspection of their credibility and accuracy.

The minister also stressed the importance of bearing the responsibility of Gulf countries' development, and keeping up with the global changes and updates without breaking from the region's religious constants and social values.

Source: KUNA

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