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Indonesian embassy showcases Batik artistry
November 7, 2016, 5:44 pm

The Indonesian embassy in association with the Indonesian Ladies Community organized a Batik presentation and exhibition on its premises on 7 November, which was hosted by the Indonesian Ambassador to Kuwait H.E. Tatang Budie Utama Razak and his wife. 

Batik is the art and technique of decorating cloth using wax and dye with a spouted tool called a canting.  Batik can be traced back to 1500 years ago, and is found in many countries such as Turkey, India, China, Japan and West Africa.  Batik in its present day art form is a highly developed industry in Indonesia.

The large gathering was comprised of wives of diplomats, members of various international women groups and Indonesian nationals. In his speech, the Indonesian Ambassador lauded the wide-spread admiration for the designs, saying “Batik is no longer considered as a traditional dress because nowadays, wearing Batik has been encouraged in Government offices and private companies to show pride as a Nation of Indonesia that has an extraordinary piece of cultural heritage and Batik is a formal wear in Indonesia. Even The Indonesian President, His Excellency Joko Widodo wears Batik in almost every formal occasion.”

“On October 2009, UNESCO has designated Indonesian Batik as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity,” He added.  Following the speech, a fashion show showcased the vibrant and intricate prints of Batik design embellished on dresses, blouses and shawls. The clothing items displayed by both women and children were given a contemporary twist by being paired with elegant modern clothing, highlighting their unique charm.

Guests admired the clothing, and many purchased Batik adorned accessories and other items from the mini bazaar, in addition to visiting the other stall that featured quilt Batik designs and demonstrated the construction process. Part of the appreciation for the traditional art form was a stall where visitors could practice creating their own Batik design using the traditional tools. Highlighting the country’s diverse cuisine, a large spread was presented with a variety of dishes, sweets and beverages originating from Indonesia.

Speaking to The Times on the sidelines of the function, Ambassador Razak praised the rich and dynamic history of the Batik tradition in his country.  “The Batik designs are very famous and are now found in high-class fashion shows like in New York and other countries because the various motifs are very interesting to people,” he reiterated.

Christina Pinto
Staff Writer


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