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Indians top list of 31,000 expats deported in 2016
October 7, 2017, 3:58 pm

In 2016, the government of Kuwait has deported 31,000 expatriates, which roughly works out to 85 people per day or one person every fifteen minutes, said knowledgeable security sources that confirmed the trend of deportations has been very high unlike in the past.

Detailing the nationalities of the deportees, the source said, the Indians topped the list with 24 percent, the Egyptians came in second place with 20 percent, the Filipinos 15 percent, Ethiopians fourth with 14 percent, the Sri Lankans fifth with 7 percent and the Bangladeshis sixth with 6 percent. The sources noted these six nationalities constitute the bulk of the deportees with 86 percent while other nationalities constitute 14percent.

The source added the people were deported for various reasons such as violation of residence and labor laws, committing crimes, serious traffic violations, fraud and a majority of them for trafficking in drugs and alcohol.

The sources pointed out about 10,000 have been deported in cooperation with the Ministry of Health because they were ‘UNFIT’, 15 were found to be carriers of the AIDS virus and a majority of the Arab deportees were infected with Hepatitis.

The source said the Interior Ministry is currently pursuing about 75,000 expatriates who are believed to be violators of residence and labor laws, and most of whom are believed to be hiding in residential and industrial areas, farms and livestock pens.

The sources added the prison administration takes care of the deportees and they are held at the deportation center for no more than one week – the time needed to arrange for the ticket and documentation.

The sources went on to say some sponsors cooperate with the administration and book the tickets from the travel offices inside the prison and this helps the deportation of the person in a maximum of three days from the date of booking the ticket.

The sources pointed out, however, there are some expatriates who stay at the deportation for longer periods of one or two months because of the lawsuits filed against them and they cannot be deported until a verdict is issued by the court.

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