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Indian maid's hand severed during escape bid in Saudi Arabia, says family
October 10, 2015, 5:04 pm

The Saudi family which employed the Indian maid has denied claims by the maid that her hand was chopped off by her employer for complaining about the working conditions, media reports said.

“The Indian helper, 55, arrived in Saudi Arabia two months ago, on August 2, to work for my 70-year-mother who lives alone in a flat in Al Rabii area in Riyadh,” the employer’s son said.

“On Thursday afternoon, the helper entered her room and locked herself inside. She used some of her clothes and tied them into a rope that she fixed to the bed. She then climbed down the window to escape,” he said, quoted by Saudi news site Sabq.

He added that the helper fell onto the room used for electricity generators and her hand was cut off.

“A worker in the area saw the accident and he promptly informed the building watchman who called my mother who was not aware at that time of the incident. She called me and I got in touch with the Red Crescent. They sent an ambulance and the helper was taken to the Kingdom Hospital,” he said.

“The police, investigators and prosecution launched a probe and they could see how the helper locked herself inside the room and tried to escape through the window. Her simplistic logic and her bad planning have resulted in this tragedy,” he said.

The Saudi man said he was puzzled the helper did not use the flat door, particularly that the key was hung behind the door.

He added there was no truth to reports that his mother had been detained by the police or that they had not paid the helper.

Source: Gulf News

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