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Indian fine-dining finds its home - Mughal Mahal’s Elite Indian Twist
August 14, 2016, 5:42 pm

The Elite Indian Twist, Mughal Mahal's most upscale offering to date, is a rare blend of polished professionalism and sophisticated style that combine to exude exclusivity, relaxing ambiance and warm hospitality.

Located on Salem Al-Mubarak Street in the Marina Plaza Complex, on the rooftop of Zahra Home building, the spank and sparkling Elite Indian Twist replaces the earlier Mughal Mahal branch that existed there. The new venue has just undergone a quarter-million dinar makeover that has transformed it into one of the topmost fine-dining restaurants in town.

But first things first; why the name 'The Elite Indian Twist'? We put this to the owners: “Well, to begin with it gives a new twist to generic names we normally associate with eateries”; you have it admit, it does have a distinctive ring to it.

But, more importantly, the name reflects the twist it takes on other upmarket Indian fine-dining venues in the country. Unlike other top-end restaurants that covertly add a charge in the food bill for the ritzy ambiance they provide, the high-quality food and premium ambiance at the Elite Indian Twist comes at exceptionally affordable prices.

Also, in response to requests from their patrons, and in yet another twist to the multiple cuisines served in other restaurants, the Elite Indian Twist will exclusively serve authentic Indian dishes.

We recently had the pleasure to visit the new venue. As you enter the arched doorway, one of three hospitality heads who are always there to welcome and serve you, greets you with a warm smile. They lead you past the reception counter and a walkway, lined on one side by a large beveled glass-paneled wall, to the main dining area. For those desiring more privacy there are eight family cabins providing cozy seclusion, located behind the reception counter and to one side of the restaurant. 

When it is done right, professional interior design leaves you with a beautiful and cohesive final product — the individual components that go into forming the elegant end-product remain seamlessly unobtrusive. This design proficiency is quite evident in the interior scheme of the new Mughal Mahal venue; every element of the décor and materials used has been selected designedly to create an aesthetically unified and delightfully striking interior. Of course, interior design aspects are subjective and others could have a different view, but the light airy minimalism discernible within the restaurant is bound to appeal to most sophisticated diners.

It is a place where the set dressing complements the event without competing with the main attraction – the food. Sparkling cutlery, comfortable seating, soft music, relaxing ambiance and the swanlike grace of serving staff as they glide and weave their way around tables, all of this comes together as garnish for the exquisitely crafted delicious food that is served with aplomb.

An epitome of sophistication and elegance, Mughal Mahal’s Elite Indian Twist remains reverent to the brand’s storied past, while being relevant to the present. While almost everything at the restaurant is brand new, what have remained unchanged include the high-quality of food served and the talented chefs and service staff, both of which over the years have helped make Mughal Mahal an embodiment of culinary excellence.

Nearly everything else from the former restaurant has been replaced, including in the kitchen area where glistening equipment, stainless steel counters and modern ovens and traditional tandoors have been newly installed. Custom designed uniforms for the staff and made to order, triple-glazed, premium bone-china dinnerware that has been exclusively made and specifically imported for the new restaurant, adds to the elite dining experience.

The all-new elaborately designed menu pays particular attention to creating innovative dishes and drinks, while also breathing new life into traditional dishes. Compiled with care and bursting with over 150 varieties of dishes, the new menu includes more than 50 items that are being introduced for the first time to diners in Kuwait. These include for starters, nifty tidbits such as the Chicken and Lamb Tunda Boti, the Chicken and Olive bites; the Galoti Meat or Vegetarian, and the Vegetarian Drumsticks. The new Cream of Chicken Rosemary Soup and the Prawn Hamani Soup bring added luster to the soup list.

Among the signature main offerings are chicken sizzlers served with pulao rice and topped with a choice of hot gravy; and the Elite Healthy Rice and Vermicelli tossed with herbs and your choice of Broccoli, Chicken or prawns. Another item that should be high on your order is the Sweet Chilly Paprika Jumbo Prawns; and, for someone who wants a taste of different sizzlers, the Al Raba'a Tandoor Mix Sizzler is the right choice. For chicken or lamb curry lovers, there is a selection of Chicken Darbari, Kashmiri Goshtaba or the very special Lamb Chops Masala.

And if you are a vegetarian, fret not, for there are plenty of choices bound to please your palate too, including the Paneer Tomato Hara Pyaz and the Ambala ka Baingan Bhurta. Be warned, ordering biryani, or even ordinary rice, could prove a challenge at the Elite Twist, with Badshah Chicken, Prawn or Lamb chop biryanis to choose from, and nine different varieties of rice adding to the complexity. To finally round off your meal and cater to your sweet tooth, there is the delicious Malai Kulfi, the 4-in-1 platter or for the health conscious, a bowl of fresh fruit salad

All the dishes are crafted with loving care being paid to the quality and balance of colors, spices and flavors, providing just the right whiff of saffron, ginger, coriander, fenugreek and other exotic items. What emerges from the kitchen may not have the drummed-up pretensions of haute-cuisine, instead, the focus is on delivering high-quality food that looks attractive and tastes exceptional. Each item on the menu has its own unique nuance and complexity that unfailingly delivers deliciousness, this consistency is something that other generic Indian restaurants often struggle to replicate.

People have many reasons to start a restaurant, but the best reason, and the one we believe is most likely to be successful, is when the owners desire to serve something that they themselves enjoy eating and drinking. That, we believe, is the raison d'être why dining at Mughal Mahal’s the Elite Indian Twist is such a memorable experience.




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Valerian Viegas  Posted on : August 14, 2016 9:22 pm
Was there and pleased to find that the service and food was par excellence
The Staff was very co-operative
All the best a place to dine as a Maharaja

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