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Indian embassy releases information on services rendered
July 29, 2017, 1:01 pm

The Indian Embassy endeavors to extend all help and assistance to its community members in a timely and satisfactory manner.  Majority of the services sought by Indian community are related to passport and attestation matters.  In 2016, the embassy rendered more than 96,000 passport plus another 8,000 passport related services such as birth, death and marriage registrations.  Passport is issued within 3 days of submission of application.

Only in Police Clearance Certificate cases in which applicant’s Police Verification Report (PVR) is not clear, the application is then referred to India for clearance which may take 30-45 days.  Government of India has, from time to time, amended so as to relax passport rules for the benefit of Indian community. 

Renewal of passport in Kuwait can be made within 2 years of the expiry of the existing passport.  Relevant information with regard to passport services is given below:

I.  Passport Services

Service                                                                                                        Fee in KD

(i)     A new passport (ordinary) for 10-year validity                            :       23.500

(ii)    New Passport (jumbo) for 10-year validity                                  :      31.500

(iii)    Birth registration of new born child and new passport                :      31.500

(iv)    Police Clearance Certificate                                                       :      08.500

(v)     New passport against damaged/ lost passport                          :     46.500

(vi)    Service charge of Application Centre                                         :     01.200


II.  Miscellaneous Passport Services (at the time of renewal of passport):

(i)   To add spouse name:   No proof of marriage is required.

(ii)  To remove spouse name:  No proof of divorce or separation is required.

(iii)  Change of date of birth/place of birth:   If the request for change of date of birth/place of birth is made within 5 years of first passport issued with wrong DOB/POB, then:

(a) If there is a clerical mistake, Passport Issuing Authority (PIA) can rectify the mistake after verifying the proof of correct date of birth.  No additional charges are to be paid. 

(b) If the mistake is due to submission of two different documents as proof of date of birth (e.g. School certificate and birth certificate), then in such cases, DOB can be corrected as Birth Certificate takes precedence over school certificate.  However, applicant has to pay prescribed penalty. 

Same procedure is followed for change of place of birth in the passport.

No request for change of date of birth or place of birth will be entertained after expiry of 5 years from the date of issue of first passport. 

(iv) Name change: Following marriage, remarriage or divorce, no proof of marriage or divorce is required for changing to married name or reverting to maiden name.

In other cases, clippings of two local newspapers (one in India and one in Kuwait) or the Gazette notification of the concerned State Government and at least two public/school documents with the new name should be furnished.  

(v)  Change of address: For newly married women, on the basis of address in husband’s passport, for others, address proof to be attached.  Address proof can be Aadhaar car, Voter ID, electricity/water/gas/postpaid mobile bills, driving licence, PAN card, registered rent agreement, account passbooks of public sector banks etc. 

(vi)  While applying for a new passport against a lost passport, First Information Report (FIR) from the nearest Police station is required to be attached. 

For any clarifications on the above, please send email to Attaché (Consular) at and Every working day, Consular Wing of the Embassy conducts Open House from 1000 hrs to 1100 hrs and 1430 hrs to 1500 hrs at the Embassy premises.  

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