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Indian embassy provides services to community
July 31, 2017, 1:22 pm

Indian Embassy extends all help and assistance to its community in timely and satisfactory manner.  Majority of the services sought by Indian community are related to passport and attestation matters.  In 2016, Embassy rendered more than 95,000 attestation services.  The procedure for attestation services is given below:

I.  Attestation Services

(i)  Marriage certificate: Bilingual MC (English-Arabic) is issued on the basis of MC issued by Registrar of Marriages of the concerned State in India.  If the MC is digital, i.e., available online, then no attestations from State Home Department/Ministry of External Affairs are required.  Otherwise, the MC has to be attested by the concerned State Home Department as well as Attestation Cell of Ministry of External Affairs.  Charges are KD 6.750.

(ii) Relationship certificate: Bilingual RC is issued on the basis of entries in the passport, e.g. Mother/father/spouse/children/ brother/sister/in-law etc. Passport copies of all concerned are required to be enclosed. Charges are KD 6.750.

(iii) Driving licence: Bilingual driving license certificate is issued on the basis of production of valid Indian driving license.  Charges are KD 6.750.

(iv)  Educational certificates: Indian educational certificates are required to be attested by concerned State Education/Human Resource Department and Ministry of External Affairs.  Charges are KD 3.750.

(v)  General Power of Attorney: An Indian national living in Kuwait, who wants to execute GPA/POA in favour of someone in India, has to submit GPA/POA in duplicate and sign in the presence of the consular officer, along with witnesses.  Original passport of the applicant and photocopy of the passport/ID of other person is required to be produced at the time of submission of application.  Charges are KD 6.750.

GPA/POA executed by someone who is living in India in favour of an Indian national who is living in Kuwait has to be attested by concerned State Home Department and Ministry of External Affairs.

(vi)  Life Certificate for Pensioners:  LC is issued to holders of Pension Payment Order “GRATIS”, i.e. free of charge. Applicant has to come in person along with his original passport and PPO.

(vii) Death Certificate: DC is issued “GRATIS”.  It is obligatory to register the death of any Indian national in Kuwait with the Embassy.  Death certificate issued by the Birth and Death Registration Office of Kuwait and attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kuwait (along with its certified English translation) needs to be produced at the Embassy, on the basis of which, death is registered and DC issued. In case of accidental death, Police report is also required.

(viii)  Transfer of mortal remains to India: Embassy seals and certifies the coffin containing the dead body to be taken to India.  Family of the deceased has to take appointment from Sabah Hospital Mortuary.  The doctor issues three slips – for Farwaniya Mortuary, for in-charge of coffin and Indian Embassy.  Once the airline ticket is confirmed, family should approach Embassy along with doctor’s slip for sealing the coffin.

(ix)  General attestation of documents: True copy/photocopy attestation, affidavit of sponsorship, attestation of translation, transfer of residency affidavit, emergency leave affidavit etc. are also done.  Charges are KD 3.750.

(x) Commercial documents: All commercial/company documents are required to be attested by Chamber of Commerce of Kuwait and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kuwait before they can be attested by this Embassy.  Charges are KD 15.800.

(xi) Salary Certificate/Work Permit: Attestation of salary certificate and work permits are also done as per procedure laid above at Sl. No. (ix).

For any clarifications on the above, please send email to Attaché (Consular) at and sscons@indembkwt. org. Every working day, Consular Wing of the Embassy conducts Open House from 1000 hrs to 1100 hrs and 1430 hrs to 1500 hrs at the Embassy premises. 


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