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Indian embassy participates in Hala Festival
February 12, 2017, 5:54 pm

Hala Festival was inaugurated on 10 February with much zeal and enthusiasm at Salem Al-Mubarak Street, Salmiya.  Hala Festival is annually organized in Kuwait since February 1999 with the aim to promote tourism and culture. The Festival offers arts, sports, live carnival shows, entertainment events and display of vintage vehicles & motorbikes during the month. Kuwaiti Ministries, Government institutions and some embassies had set up stalls during the event.

The Indian Embassy also participated in the opening ceremony with its stall nicely decorated with ‘Incredible India’ posters and tourism material. India’s Bohra Band (Burhani Guards) performed the whole day, entertaining the crowd.   Children from the Bohra community spread the message on the importance of cleanliness in daily lives by cleaning the surroundings during the event. 

The Opening Ceremony witnessed a parade in which children from various Kuwaiti schools, some Kuwaiti Ministries and government agencies as well as embassies also participated in.  India’s Bohra Band (Burhani Guards) were also part of the festivities.
Many visitors, especially children took the opportunity to take photographs posing in front of the embassy stall and enjoyed the event.

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