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Indian embassy celebrates International Women’s Day
March 11, 2017, 12:12 pm

Indian embassy celebrated International Women’s Day, which is held annually around the world on 8 March to mark achievements of women in various fields, by hosting a panel of six eminent women in Kuwait, who spoke about their work and accomplishments.

The event was inaugurated by Indian Ambassador H.E. Sunil Jain, in the presence of the Deputy Chief of Mission Shubashis Goldar and the special guest for the evening, renowned Kuwaiti fencing athlete Balsom Al Ayoub, as well as a distinguished audience gathered at the embassy auditorium.

In addition to the special guest, other members on the panel of speakers included: author, news correspondent and radio-producer, Chaitali B. Roy; neonatologist, artist and vice-president of Indian Women’s Association, Dr. Tehseen Khan; classical singer and exponent of ghazal music, Mahima Casewa; founder-member of Life Again Foundation India and vice-president of Telangana Jagruthi Kuwait, Dr. Hyma Reddy; and member of Indian Dental Alliance Kuwait, Dr. Dolly Grover.

In his address to the gathering, Ambassador Jain noted the women’s rights and gender equality that India had achieved over the years, and the glass ceilings that many women had shattered.  While admitting that there were still gender disparity issues that needed to be tackled, he hoped that they would be addressed in the years ahead.

The special guest Mrs. Al Ayoub began her speech with a presentation titled ‘Gender Empowerment in Sports’, highlighting how she uses sports as an effective tool to challenge some of the gender prejudices in society. She also spoke about her current project ‘Champion among Us’, where children support gender equality and challenge stereotypes, emphasizing that both genders flourish when given the chance to grow.  Stressing that sport has no gender, she encouraged parents to support their children, both boys and girls, in all sports activities. 

In her speech, Mrs. Roy, who is the author of the book ‘Women of Kuwait: Turning Tides’ spoke on the topic of, ‘The need to break stereotypes’. This was followed by Dr. Khan expounding on ‘Compassionate Service and Artistic Expression’. The musical session that ensued, saw Mrs. Casewa sing some beautiful ghazals that complemented her lecture on ‘Journey as a Musician’. 

Dr. Reddy then delivered a presentation on ‘Yoga and Stress Management’ and demonstrated various stretching and breathing exercises in yoga that help relieve stress.  Finally, Dr. Grover spoke on the topic of ‘Women Dentists: Changing the Face of Dentistry’.

The occasion also saw a colorful fashion show being organized by Sugandha Menon and her talented team from Artistic Yoga and Pilates, which featured exquisite sari designs. The evening concluded with a Bollywood dance performance by school children and a yoga dance performance by Latha Kannan Iyyer.

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