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Indian Social Forum opens Amnesty Helpline
January 25, 2018, 11:41 pm

Indian Social Forum Kuwait (ISF) is highly appreciative of the new amnesty period declared by the Ministry of Interior. This will help thousands of expatriates including Indians illegally living in Kuwait due to various reasons.

ISF urged all illegal residents especially Indian citizens to utilize this opportunity either to legalize their residency or to leave the country as soon as possible. Indian social forum has opened Amnesty Helpline in various languages to assist the beneficiaries of amnesty during the amnesty period from 29th January 2018 to 22nd February 2018.

The on call/WhatsApp support helpline service is available in English (666 24 501/ 659 62 683), Hindi (655 97 993/975 94 928), Telugu (975 94 928), Tamil (60 718 784/69 62 62 84/ 9913 3474), Kannada/Beary/Tulu (99 502 159/659 62 683) and Malayalam (9908 3007/666 24 501). 

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