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Indian Muslim Association Kuwait organized Grand Iftar
July 9, 2014, 10:22 am

Indian Muslim Association Kuwait organized Grand Iftar on 3rd July 2014 under the auspices of Ministry of Awqaf and Masjid Al-Kabeer.

The program was well attended by more than 1000 devotees including dignitaries and scholars from Kuwait and abroad.

Dr. Nasser Al-Sane, former member of the Kuwaiti National Assembly,graced the occasion as a guest of honor and Maulana Mohammed TaherMadaniSahab was the keynote speaker.

Dr. Nasser Al-Sane while speaking on the occasion emphasized on the excellence of month of Ramadan and virtues and purpose of fasting. He said that self-introspection and empathizing with the poor is important part of fasting. He urged the audience to inculcate god-consciousness (Taqwa) and to be aware of current affairs, especially what is happening in the Muslim World. It is very much important for a Muslim to feel the pain of others in order to be a good Muslim. He also urged the audience to pray for our brothers and sisters in Palestine.

Maulana Mohammed TaherMadani delivered a short speech on the topic how to be a true Muslim. He said that Iman (faith) is not just the name of wishful thinking or a blind belief; it is a light deep into one’s heart which reflects in one’s actions. People of Iman do not required external monitoring; their hearts are filled with love and fear of Allah. They rush towards doing good deeds seeking pleasure of Allah, the exalted, competing for hereafter not for pleasures of this world.

He narrated some true stories of companions of the messenger of Allah concerning their honesty and trustworthiness, generosity, willingness and striving to do good deeds. They never let go any opportunity that came their way to do good. He urged the audience to be the ambassadors of Islam and living Islam, as this is how Islam was propagated by earlier generations. He concluded his speech with Urdu couplet “MeriZindgikaMaqsadTereDeen Ki Sarfarazi, Mai IsiliyeMusalmanIsiliyeNamazi”.

The program began with the recitation of Quran by Hafiz Abdurrahman. The program was concluded by the vote of thanks of Maulana Salman Raheemi, the moderator of the program. He thanked Government of Kuwait, Ministry of Awqaf and Management of Masjid Al-Kabeer for making this event successful and providing dinner for such a huge audience.

He also thanked dignitaries, scholars, IMA Youth Wing volunteers and the audience present at the program for making this event great success.


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