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Indian Lawyers’ Forum conducts legal seminar
August 12, 2018, 4:09 pm

A legal seminar of Indian Lawyers’ forum was convened at the residence of Adv. Thomas Panicker, the President of the Forum. President welcomed everybody and thanked all for attending the meeting. The President highlighted the activities of ‘Indian Lawyers’ Forum’. He enumerated on all the free legal aids the forum has rendered in the recent past. 

He said the forum is very successful in providing a platform for the Indian Lawyers in Kuwait to meet and interact with and help each other. He observed that the forum enjoys the membership of Indian lawyers who have 15 to 20 years Court Practice in India and who are working for high profile legal firms/Corporations and holding key legal positions in various companies in Kuwait. The forum is well equipped to deal with any sort of legal and business consultations pertaining to Kuwait as well as India.  Already around 50 to 100 Indian Community members approach our members for redressal of their legal problems they face in India and Kuwait. The forum decided to enhance these activities.

He said that forum has been successfully participating and conducting legal seminars for different associations in Kuwait.

He also said that forum is ready to cooperate with any association in Kuwait which intends to conduct Legal Seminar for its members and public. The forum will write to inform all associations in Kuwait of our intentions/offer to conduct legal seminar for them in the meetings which that associations convene.

The forum decided to approach medias for their help to publicize the news about forum, so that the public get a chance to know about the forum and approach the forum members for redressal of their legal issues.

Adv. Rema opined that Legal seminar to public to be considered and that will be a  real service to society. 

In the legal seminar followed, the legal subject was presented by Adv. Mohammed Bashir. Adv. Mini, Adv. Jamshad, Adv. Rema, Adv. Sudheer, Adv. Tasneem activily participated in the discussions.

Adv.Shivadas opined that the forum should initiate some charity programmes for the benefit of public.  He said individually we can collect the used Dress from the public and distribute to needy people.

Mohammed Basheer suggested to appoint one Additional Secretary to coordinate the forum activities in a better way, and based on that Adv.Jamshad  is elected as Additional  Secretary. 

Adv.Rajan suggested that  a new Members’ ILF Directory to be published soon.  He stressed the importance of  Law/Legal Education among members and stressed the importance of legal awareness within the Lawyers.  forum decided to continue with the  in-house legal seminars for updating legal information among lawyers.

Adv. Sincy Sara Varghese, Adv.Sijin Mathai, two new members were introduced to the Forum.

Next meeting will be on 31 August at the residence of Suresh Pulikkal.  Adv Mini Shivadas will present a legal subject for discussion.

The meeting came to an end after a sumptuous dinner and vote of thanks by President, the host of the meeting.


President:                  Adv. Thomas Panicker, 
Vice Presidents:        Adv. Vidhya Sumod,
General Secretary:    Adv.Suresh Pulickal 
Secretary                  Adv. Jamshad
Joint Secretaries:      Adv. Jezeena Bashir, Adv. Rema Sudhir
Treasurer:                 Adv. Shivadas
General Convenor:   Adv. Mohammed Bashir 

ADV. John Thomas
ADV. Rajesh Sagar
ADV. Mathew daniel.

Those who are interested in the forum activities, may contact Tel. & Fax 23718748,  Mob. 97203939, 69398905, 55255373

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