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Indian Lawyers Forum (ILF) Vichar Bharathi Conducted Legal Awareness Seminar
June 19, 2013, 11:06 am

Vichar Bharathi Kuwait in association with the Indian Lawyers Forum conducted 'LEGAL Awareness Camp at United Indian School, Abbasiya. The program was inaugurated by famous Senior Kuwaiti Lawyer, Adv. Labeed Abdal together with Adv.Thomas Panicker (Indian Lawyers Forum President), Mr.Krishnakumar Paliath (Seva Darsan President) and Mr.Vibheesh Thikkodi (Vichar Bharathi Kuwait Coordinator).

Adv. Labeed Abdal emphasized the need to ensure equality of various nationalities living in Kuwait before the law and order. He added that it is a two way responsibility where the expatriate community should see to it that they abide by the law of the country and be part of its development. At the same time, Kuwait Government should see that the law is executed keeping the transparency and not hurting or troubling the expatriate community in Kuwait.

Adv.Thomas Panicker, Mr. Krishnakumar Paliath, and Mr.Vibheesh Thikkodi addressed the gathering. Legal Presentations were done by Adv. Sumod.M.K, and Adv. Mohammed Basheer covering Indian Civil and Criminal Law, Adv.Rajesh Sagar and Adv. Thomas Stephen covering Kuwait Labour Law and Kuwait Laws in general were informative.

The ILF President, Adv.Thomas Panicker in his speech described the activities of  Indian Lawyers’ Forum to the gatherings. He said that  ‘Indian Lawyer’s Forum’  has 110 Indian lawyers,  law graduates and their family members as members.  Several of ILF members are working with Kuwaiti Law firms and Corporations as Senior Lawyers and are with 15 to 20 years practicing experience in Indian courts.  President   promised all kinds of legal support to the community and thanked  Vichar Bharati for giving such an opportunity.


President also said that, in case of any associations wish to conduct legal seminar, Indian Lawyers’ Forum is ready to co-operate with them in their endeavour to help the community in legal awareness.


The expert panel including Adv. Thomas Panicker, Adv. Sumod.M.K,  Adv. Mohammed Basheer, Adv. Rajesh Sagar, Adv. Thomas Stephen and  Adv. George Cherian answered the legal questions raised by the audience. The camp was marked with relevance of the subject and active participation of the audience. The Lawyers were honoured by Vichar Bharathi officials.

Indian Lawyers Forum was specially honoured by Sevadarsan Kuwait recognizing their contributions to the Indian expat society. The honour was received by its President Adv. Thomas Panicker.   Adv. Suresh Pulikkal, Adv. Jeseena, Adv. Sudheer Nambiar, Adv. Vidhaya, Adv. Rema, Adv. Mili and others also activily participated.

Mrs. Reshmy Krishnakumar delivered the welcome speech.  Vichar Bharathi will continue to coordinate with the expert panel toaddress any queries of the public and the questions shall be forwarded to

Vichar Bharathi Office Bearer Mr. Arun Kumar  conveyed vote of thanks to the members and especially to Indian Lawyers’ Forum for associating with them and conveying legal  knowledge of Kuwaiti laws and Indian laws.  All who assembled   appreciated the legal seminar  and commented that it was really  worth and beneficial seminar.

Those who wish to contact with Indian Lawyers’ Forum may contact  tel. Nos. 97203939, 97260159   Email.   

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