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Indian Government intervention requested on Indian School Affairs
April 15, 2015, 12:37 pm

Mass Memorandum to Indian President

The Indian Community School Action Committee, comprising of several Indian community organizations and individuals in Kuwait, has submitted a memorandum to the Honorable President of India asking the government’s immediate intervention in the matters related to the administrative functioning of Indian Community School Kuwait (ICSK).

The petitioners who have secured thousands of signatures from community members have requested the Indian government’s urgent intercession and sought remedial action on several topics of concern to the community, including bringing the ICSK administration under the supervision of the Indian Embassy in Kuwait.

In their memorandum they have asked for the school’s Board of Trustees (BOT) to be democratically elected and for the Board to be brought under the direct purview of the Indian embassy in Kuwait. 

In a meeting with Indian Ambassador, H.E. Sunil Jain, the coordinators of the action committee Thomas Mathew Kadavil, Reaven D’Souza and Vinod Adoor has requested the embassy to initiate necessary measures needed to ensure the school and its assets continue to remain the property of the Indian community, and that ownership of the land allotted to build a new school premises is clearly and legally vested with the community.

The Indian Embassy has also been entreated to take measures to amend the present constitution of ICSK so that several existing grey areas are clearly defined and full transparency is inculcated in all the processes and provisions of the school administration.

The memo calls for elections to the BOT to be made by an Electoral College comprising of members from Indian community, socio-cultural organizations, teaching faculty and parents, along with a representative of the embassy. The term of office of the BOT chairman should also be limited to three years and that of other executive members to two years each as per the original constitution.

Ambassador Jain assured that the embassy would look into all the issues raised and ensure the community’s interests are protected. The committee further requested the embassy to implement a professional audit as well as a social audit on ICSK transactions since 1999 and to publish the same as a white paper. Also, in line with the favorable verdict issued by the Kuwaiti judiciary, full legal measure should be undertaken to recover the KD400,000 that waspreviously embezzled from the school funds.

The memorandum further points out that the school’s present Council of Elders, which has been in office for over 14 years, in direct contravention of ICSK byelaws, should be reconstituted, and BOT members who have completed their tenure should leave the board. A copy of the memorandum has also been sent to the Prime Minister of India’s office, External Affairs and Human Resources ministry. 

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Rajesh Gandhi  Posted on : April 19, 2016 2:57 pm
For long now, fingers have been pointed at the ICSK mgmt and it is time that old times with more than 4 years of positions, give way to fresh blood, as there are many capable Indians to take care of this.

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