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Indian Embassy reduces fee for auditorium
March 9, 2014, 2:58 pm

Indian Embassy auditorium is available for registered Indian Associations to hold their programs subjected to terms and approval from Embassy for a nominal fee.

  • Event will be organized in cooperation with the Embassy
  • Event shall not involve any communal or regional agenda or anti - India, anti- Kuwait propaganda.
  • Number of Invitees shall normally restrict to 350 only, considering the capacity of the auditorium.
  • Format of the program should be provided along with the request for hiring the auditorium
  • Invitees should bring their Kuwait Civil Identity along with them for attending the function
  • Organizers shall deploy their volunteers who will coordinate with embassy security for assisting in identifying the guests for their entry and smooth conducting of the event.
  • Embassy will deploy its own cleaning staff for the event
  • Food will not be allowed inside the auditorium. Food can be served in the courtyard near the auditorium.
  • Fee of KD 125 will be charged per day for each event towards maintenance of the auditorium, cleaning of the auditorium and upgrading the facilities of the auditorium. A slightly higher fee of KD 150 will be charged for events where food is to be served to all guests in the rear courtyard.
  • Allotment of auditorium will be entirely at the discretion of the Embassy.
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