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Indian Embassy celebrates 3rd International Day of Yoga
June 19, 2017, 4:01 pm

The 3rd International Day of Yoga – 2017 was celebrated in Indian Embassy’s premises on Saturday, 17 June with the participation of prominent Yoga organizations in Kuwait, namely Art of Living, Harmony House, Heartfulness, Sevadarshan, Amma Kuwait and Artistic Yoga.

A video clip of Hon’ble Prime Minister’s message and the 2017 Common Yoga Protocol was streamed on LED TV screens arranged in the premises. A gathering of around 250 persons participated in various Yoga asanas performed by Amma Kuwait and Sevadarshan. In addition, meditation and Pranayama sessions were held before the event concluded with a recital of Shanti Mantras by school children.

As part of International Yoga Day and to create greater awareness in people, the Indian Embassy posted an Online Quiz on Facebook and Twitter from 18-22 June 2017.

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