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Indian Embassy and NCCAL present soul-stimulating ‘The Sufi Gospel Project’
September 10, 2014, 1:58 pm

The Embassy of India in association with the National Council for Culture, Arts & Letters (NCCAL) will hold a cultural program featuring the brilliant multi-faith performance of Fusion Group led by Sonam Kalra. The event will take place at Shamiya Theatre (opposite Shamiya cooperative) on 16 and 17 September from 7.30 pm.

The Sufi Gospel Project is an effort toblend all the voices of faith, through the use of song, music and lyrics. Traditional western gospel melds with Indian classical sounds, and Indian spiritual texts are enriched by elements of western poetry to create a sound that touches every soul. Revealing that no matter what the language of the lyrics, or the ethnicity of the sounds, there is but one language, the language of faith. And that is the universal truth.

Of her group, Sonam Kalra said: “The Sufi Gospel Project is living proof that many different Hallelujahs can exist in harmony. This is the message we want to share through our music. It's a new sound and quite unusual because we've blended traditional Indian instruments and sounds with age old Gospel hymns and Indian text and prayers. And because of the many languages and musical influences we've combined, everyone is able to relate to it.” Let yourself be carried away on a spiritual journey for an evening of swaying rhythms and soothing melodies.

The Sufi Gospel Project has performed at several music festivals in India and abroad and at a number of prestigious venues. Recently they appeared on “Coke Studio on MTV”, a testament to their growing popularity. They are also regular performers at the homes of some of India’s largest industrialists, erstwhile royalty and diplomats.


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