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Indian Community School Kuwait election marred in controversy
May 3, 2015, 11:46 am

Indian Community School Kuwait elections held last week for selecting parent representatives were marred by controversy after some contestants complained to the Indian embassy of election fraud.According to some of the contestants and parents the electronic voting system by which parents were expected to vote was not fair and free; and despite objections about the system, the school still went ahead with the process.

The outcome of the elections are expected to determine support for several sitting board members, who have completed their tenures but still insist on retaining their position on the board. Most of the board members have completed their tenures and are expected to either step down or be voted out of the board.

The parent elections were already mired in controversy when previous members were not invited to attend a board meeting as their tenure was nearing completion. The secretary of the board also threatened members with legal consequences when they raised objection on the matter.

Last month a petition was signed by thousands of Indian community members to the President of India to intervene in the functioning of the community school. Several constitutional violations were observed including the elders committee who have been on the board for more than 14 years. There appears to be widespread discontent in the community over the functioning of the school as millions of dinars are at stake and the school is functioning without a chairman for more than seven months, creating a vacuum in the management.

While the memorandum does not implicate any specific member it calls for full transparency in the operations including the need for board members and elders who complete their term to step down as per the constitution of the school and to improve transparency in operation and accounts. Indian ambassador has assured that the embassy would look into allegations and ensure the community interests are protected.

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