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India Education Exhibition 2015 showcases interactive seminars
January 11, 2015, 12:58 pm

The India Education Exhibition 2015, which was held on 9 and 10 January at the Ramada Hotel in Al-Riggae, provided students with the unique opportunity to participate in two highly informative and interactive seminars that were held on the sidelines of the exhibition. Students had the opportunity to learn in-depth about courses in Engineering and Health Science and its potential career opportunities from two distinguished and experienced professors in these two fields. 

Dr. G. Nagarajan, Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering in Anna University, gave an interesting seminar on ‘Higher Education in Engineering & Career Opportunities’, delving deep into the various facets of engineering studies. The second seminar was on ‘Emerging Career Opportunities in Health Sciences - An outlook towards a successful future’, which was held by Dr. Sabu K.M. the Associate Dean and the Professor in the Department of Health Information Management at School of Allied Health Sciences (SOAHS) Manipal. Dr. Sabu discussed at length the various career opportunities available to students choosing a course in Heath Science.

Both the well-attended seminars allowed students to learn more about the possibilities for growth and development in the Health Science and Engineering through pursuing courses offered by SOAHS Manipal University and Anna University respectively. Students who attended both the seminars said they were satisfied with how the topics were presented and explained. Moreover, they had their questions answered and appreciated the guidance offered by the professors.

For his part, Dr. Sabu expressed his pleasure at the large turn-out and the positive response he received from the audience. Dr. Sabu added, “The exhibition was good and I was happy to see that most students were quite knowledgeable about the programs they wanted to choose and had done the research themselves."

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