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Increasing number of students react with violence in schools
June 12, 2018, 9:24 am

Professor of Educational Planning at College of Education in Kuwait University Sultan Al-Daihani says Ministry of Education is required to re-engineer the administration and technical operations in the ministry, reports Al Shahed daily.

He stressed that the ministry needs to transform from centralization to decentralization and get rid of the big office authority which is usually led by politicians especially in top positions that are connected to political decisions that play an effective role in the education sector.

Al-Daihani affirmed that the increasing violence seen among students in schools and educational institutions reflects the political congestion and conflict seen in Kuwait as a result of tribal intolerance, racism and sectarian sedition which are supported by the state directly or indirectly. Al-Daihani lamented that the College of Education is suffering from increasing numbers of students who are admitted, as the number exceeds the absorptive capacity of the college.

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