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Inauguration of Debate Club
May 14, 2014, 10:59 am

Once Lord Macaulay said, “Men are so likely to settle a question rightly as when they discuss it freely.” The Debate Club of  Indian Community School Senior, Kuwait wholeheartedly contracted the words of Macaulay on 8 May 2014, as they witnessed the foundational function of the Debate club, which was held at the senior school auditorium on Thursday.

The club will provide opportunities for students to develop their skills in speech and argumentation. This student- centered club will provide avenues for inter- school competition at the local, regional and national levels. All members of the club attended the function with great enthusiasm and understanding that debate is a method of interactive and representational argument. The club members got a brilliant opportunity to gain proper knowledge about the rules and regulations of debates through a training program conducted by Mr. Anil, one of the renowned Toastmasters in Kuwait.

The ceremony was blessed with the amiable presence of the honorable members of the ICSK Board of trustees, teachers and students. The program began with invoking the blessings of the Omnipotent by lighting the lamp, symbolically denoting the journey from darkness to light. Miss Joanne Claris John zealously welcomed the congregation. Ms.Nazia Yusuf, the president of the newly inaugurated club delivered the presidential address. Mrs. Ayesha Fhamy, Coordinator; debate club introduced the office bearers of 2014-15. All the honorary members of the ICSK Board of trustees spoke on this auspicious juncture and gave their best wishes for this ground-breaking venture of the school.

Ms. Bobbie Hoxit -  Division I Governor of the Toastmaster Kuwait was the Chief Guest.

She commented in her speech that debate is not a forum for asserting absolute truths, but rather a means of making and evaluating arguments that allows debaters to understand their own and other’s position. This sense of a shared journey towards the truth brings debaters closer together, even when they represent opposing sides of an issue or come from vastly different cultures or social classes.

Dr.V.Binumon, Principal ICSK senior felicitated the gathering. He emphatically stated in his speech that debate is a formal contest of argumentation between two teams or individuals. More broadly, and more importantly, debate is an essential tool for developing and maintains democracy and open societies, more than a mere verbal or performance skill, debate embodies the ideals of reasoned argument, tolerance for divergent points of view and rigorous self-examination.

He also hinted that the debate club would enable students to build up confidence and dynamism in their life.  Dr.V.Binumon; Principal ICSK Senior also congratulated the children and appreciated the office bearers of debate club. The multihued function ended with a blistering debate on relevance of print media in the postmodern era.



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