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Improving body image
May 5, 2014, 1:45 pm

Many people struggle from a self-critical body view that can have a negative impact on their lives. Use these suggestions to begin working towards a more positive body image.

Discard scales: Many people base their self-worth on the scale and thus, it becomes a measure not only of your physical body but also of you as a person. Get your physician to keep up with any weight changes for you and let you know if there is a problem.

Donate clothing: So many people keep clothing that no longer fits for years, and this causes emotional stress due to a negative body image.  Go through your closet and donate the items that do not fit or that you do not feel good in to charity.

Move your body: It feels good, and you feel good about your body when you exercise. However, many people think of exercise as simply going to the gym or running. Moving your body can also be as simple as going for a walk or going dancing. You can also consider a class in something like yoga, ballroom dancing or aerobics.

Dress up for comfort: If you purchase clothing that is too small because you do not want to purchase a larger size, you will always feeling uncomfortable because none of your clothes fit properly. Learn what styles and brands fit your body and personality, and shop at those stores.

Dump the thin ideal: Fashion and beauty magazines can often be a huge trigger for body image issues. It is important to remind yourself that the majority of the images you see in such magazines have been heavily retouched – which means that the images you are comparing yourself to are not even real. Stop expecting yourself to look like something that does not exist.

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