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Improve your beauty routine
January 4, 2016, 1:31 pm

For the New Year, expect incredible beauty swag at every shopping outlet, but most women can’t afford the beauty products and it is not easy to justify these extravagant splurges on luxury items. In fact, most of these expensive items have the potential to lead women to financial ruin all for the sake of looking good.  Lucky for you, there is a way to luxe up your beauty rituals without spiraling into buyer's remorse. The strategy? Making a few meaningful purchases that give your entire routine a more charming look and feel — without breaking the bank. Here are the tips.

Retool your makeup brush:  If you love the complexion-clarifying results of a face mask, but your at-home practice is far from a spa-like experience, try a brush technique. You can simulate relaxation and cut the mess by sweeping on masks with a dense brush, instead. Not only is it more hygienic than using your hands, it also distributes the product more evenly.

Upgrade your basic pins: The fastest way to make your hairstyle feel more glamorous is to swap out your boring black bobby pins and hair clips for gilded ones. It is a cheap but chic way to stand out in the most stylish of crowds.

Upgrade your body mist to a full-on fragrance: As refreshing as a spritz of body mist can be, the scent from a watered-down spray doesn't last as long as perfume. To nail down your signature fragrance — and ensure it stays around all day — switch to a more concentrated formula of perfume. Before you dab on the subtle blend of amber, citron, and musk, be sure to apply an unscented lotion, as fragrance holds better on moisturized skin.

One-up your body wash: It might be tough to part with your used-it-since-middle school body wash, but the newest crop of in-shower cleansers offer a more elegant experience that also saves time. Cleansing oils made for the body not only feel more silky on the skin, they also deliver lasting hydration that replaces the need for copious amounts of body lotion.

Go high-fiber: Poly-blend sweaters can’t hold a candle to cashmere. And when it comes to smoothing on skin-care products, cheapo cotton disks have nothing on hyper-soft, all-cotton alternatives. Make sure to choose facial cottons that are of a good quality, and make sweeping on toners and other products a luxury, not a chore. The pads you select should be soft, but also have a slightly textured surface to exfoliate dead skin cells, so the makeup products can penetrate better. 

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