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Improve the life span of beauty products
July 25, 2013, 10:48 am

We could all use some help when it comes to saving money in the beauty department. We all want to make our products last longer. Check out these clever little tricks for extending the life of your cosmetics. Store your

SPF in a cooler: Leaving your sunscreen lying about the beach or pool (especially in direct light) is a big no-no. This will cause your SPF to activate and die. Something most people don't realize until they get home, look in the mirror and discover they are a nice shade of red. The best place to keep their sunscreen is in the cooler. Just be sure the product doesn't freeze.

Cut off the tops of tubes: Don't toss out those creamy lotions and face moisturizers just yet. Instead, cut off the tops of your tubes and salvage every last drop of product you can. Using a toothpaste squeezer can also help you achieve the same results.

Avoid makeup sponges: Makeup sponges tend to eat up half your product before they even start spreading anything. To avoid this, use a clean foundation brush instead. You will find that a little product goes a long way.

Put your products in new containers: Tired of your cream or gel liners always drying out? Buy some samplesized plastic jars from your local beauty supply store, and take a bit of eyeliner from your original pot and put it into a new one. Use the new jar on a day-to-day basis, and be sure to close the lid on the other one tightly. This will prevent most of your product from drying out, as the original container won't be opened as often, letting in the dry air. Transferring your hair products to glass containers can also prevent them from going bad as fast.

Keep your hands off: Your hands are a breeding ground for bacteria, so just keep them away from your products. Pour your daily cosmetics onto a stainless steel palette, and use clean brushes to apply makeup. If you never touch your hands to the opening of a liquid product (or your lips to the edge of a lipstick), it will stay bacteria-free for longer. This is especially important for organic products which often lack the preservatives to help keep bacteria growth at bay.

Don't supersize it: Purchase smaller containers when it comes to skincare, and you will end up saving in the long run. You will have the opportunity to actually use the entire product before it goes bad and while the ingredients are still active. Over time, many ingredients become less potent (like in sunscreen and acne medications). Some products that contain AHA's can even become so potent over time that they lead to allergic reactions.

Add acetone nail polish remover to older polishes: To help thin out older polishes that are thick and starting to clump, add a little bit of acetone nail polish remover to the bottle. This should make them useable again.

Stick your cosmetics in the fridge: One of the best ways to extend the life of your beauty products and even perfume is to store them in a cool place. Keep them out from under the sink, especially during the wintertime when the heat is on. If you can carve out a section oaf your fridge, maybe it is the butter compartment or egg holder, some space that you don't use all the time, it is a great place to stash them. Most products are shelf stable, but the heat from keeping them in the bathroom (think how many steamy showers you take) can break down ingredients faster. 

Don't Pump Mascara: Wish your mascara would last longer? Then don't pump the wand in and out of the tube. This traps air inside the chamber, causing bacteria to grow, as well as your product to dry out faster. Just pull out the wand, simply wipe off any excess mascara with a tissue and apply to lashes. 

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