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Impressing with Impressions
April 23, 2017, 12:28 pm

Art is the interpretation of the impression that nature makes on the eye and the brain. True to the words of a renowned artist, Vidya Satish displayed her vision of art through ‘Impressions’, an art and photography exhibition at the Gallery Hall of Dar el Cid on 14 April. An engineer by profession and working as an IT professional in Kuwait, Vidya treated art as a form of a creative outlet, which she used as a conduit to broaden her vision of the world and her compassion for nature.

At a tender age, she was inspired by her mother who painted traditional art forms, thereby introducing her to the beautiful world of art. Supported by her family, Vidya gradually developed a passion for the meditative art of painting and grew a penchant for the self-discovery that it brings. Her quest to explore the world around her, also made her take up Photography, thereby widening her kaleidoscopic view. Passion developed into talent and talent was forayed on canvas resulting in IMPRESSIONS, a collection of over 60 paintings and a select 30 of her best works of photography – through the eyes of Vidya signed Nethra meaning 'Eyes'.

IMPRESSIONS was inaugurated by the Indian Ambassador to Kuwait H.E. Sunil Jain, who was all praise for the artist’s works and was deeply impressed by the noble cause behind the event, as the proceeds from the exhibition would go towards the education of underprivileged children in India.

Baqer Dashti, a media consultant and an ardent Art lover, appreciated Vidya for her efforts and requested Ambassador Jain to encourage more such Indian talent to be unfurled in Kuwait. He mentioned that both countries share a deep-rooted bond of friendship, which will be strengthened through such exchange of arts and culture.


Walking through the gallery, one would be fascinated by the abstract Vision of the Artist taking us through memory lane from her childhood, the culture she was brought up in and the travel diaries the world has depicted her through, all along glorifying the beauty of nature, which she was always captivated by. Vidya’s paintings bore testimony to her skills with both Oil and Acrylic mediums. Although all her paintings are worth a mention, we highlight a few of her paintings that now adorn the walls of a privileged few.

Culture was depicted through 'Rhythm', a painting that covers a temple festival in Kerala, which is attended by hordes of people with colour and pompous fanfare. Nature was exemplified through the artist’s canvas with paintings like 'In search of Bliss' which took us on a trip through the magnificent river waters to the Blue Mountains. From calm blue, the artist takes us to the fiery skies through the 'Wings of fire'.

Many of Vidya’s paintings depicted her joyous childhood, one worth mentioning is 'Nurture Within' showing a young girl wading through a meadow of colourful flowers amid the backdrop of clear blue skies. Vidya also depicted human emotions like parental love and friendship through her works such as 'Unconditional love' and 'Friends forever'.

The artist also demonstrated her love for animal life with a beautiful painting of a cheetah lying 'On top of the world' and playful elephants. From the 'Bright Horizon' to 'Morning Whisper' through 'A bit of heaven' right through to the 'Symphony of the seas' until 'Awaiting a new beginning', her works paid true homage to Mother Nature and her gifts to humanity. Her soulful indulgence with Yoga and Meditation were portrayed in 'Beauty Within', 'looking beyond “the “spring meadows', being 'spaced out' wondering 'where am I'.


When one feels they have had enough of vivid colours, there starts the photography section, which takes us through the talented Vidya’s Nethra, this time though through her camera lens. Vibrant captures of sea gulls, wonderful pictures of vintage cars, snaps of beautiful Bharatanatyam poses and sports action clips too, all captured with the grace and elegance of a celluloid maker.


The Gallery was not only a welcome sight but also provided subtle entertainment to music lovers through melodious guitar rendition by Shreyas Srinivasan, Ashwin Jaiganesh and Shobhit Jain.

Nethra’s IMPRESSIONS were covered through the eyes of ace photographer and Tamron Kuwait Mentor Guruprasad Hegde.

The 'Impressions' of nature on canvas was well appreciated by people from all walks of life. Vidya can be proud of her efforts, not only for the natural talent she has been bestowed with, but also for the fact that she is one of those select few who cherishes the 'Joy of Giving' through this exhibition and inspiring other artists as well.  With her maiden exhibition, Vidya Satish hopes that her works are a small step in the direction of spreading the peace and joy of giving, splashing her brush with the colours of tranquillity and serenity, thereby brightening the world around her.

                                                                                                    Writer: Jacklyne Anand   
Photos: Guru Prasad Hegde
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