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Important beauty tools
May 25, 2014, 11:24 am

Your makeup look is just alright, but never as amazing as some makeup enthusiasts.  Most probably it is the tools you are using for every makeup artist knows what tools are essential to doing a fantastic makeup job. So here are some makeup-tool mainstays.

Angled eye shadow brush: The angled eye brush that comes with eye shadow palettes is known for its versatility. You can use it to apply an eye shadow the same colour as your kohl or eye pencil. An angled eye brush can also be used to soften your eyebrows once you’ve filled them in. If you apply too much lipstick, you can easily correct it with an angled brush.  

Shadow shields:  If wearing eye makeup is your “thing,” then you’ll want this product pronto. These self-adhesive crescents catch any eye shadow that trickles down to collect underneath your eye area. This accumulation of powder ages you as the granules will accentuate fine lines.

Powder brush: While you’re picking up an angled eye brush, get yourself a powder brush to add to your arsenal. For a natural, flushed look, use the powder brush to dab a bit of blush on the apples of the cheeks. This gives a really nice effect, more natural than applying the blush outwards from the apples of the cheeks towards the ears.

Flat-top sculpting brush: Contouring one’s face can be a tricky skill to learn. Make your job easier with the right brush that has the right amount of bristles, that’s gentle but with the right amount of stiffness for sculpting the cheeks.

Spooley (aka clean mascara wand): Next time your mascara gets old and you’re onto the next, clean the wand of your old mascara. You can use the spooley to brush eyebrows up and to comb through lashes if they need extra separation after applying mascara.

Scotch tape: Good old adhesive tape has a spot in your makeup kit as it’s the best for lifting off too much glitter or glitter from the night before. The tape can also be used as your guide for a wing-tip or cat's-eye liner.

Eyelash curler: They are so impactful and perfect for whether you’re wearing mascara or not. Your eyes can always have that open, doe-eyed effect with just a simple curl. One beauty tip is to run your curler under hot water to heat up the lash curler before curling your lashes for an even better result.

Foundation brush: If you are still applying your makeup with a sponge, quit it. You’re not only wasting makeup, but it can take longer to achieve the blended look and feel you want. With a stipple foundation brush, your skin is buffed and the foundation is worked into the skin, creating a beautiful canvas for any makeup. 

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