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Imaginative hats displayed during Creative Hat Day
October 4, 2015, 4:06 pm

‘Creative Hat Day’ is an embodiment of passion for fashion and a flair for all things fancy. Children always love dressing up and playing make-believe characters. The entire Kindergarten wing at Bhavan’s three different Nursery schools; the Pearl, Jack and Jill and IES celebrated Creative Hat day on 30 September, 2015.

The dazzling kindergartners donning hats in a variety of styles and shapes, flaunted them with great enthusiasm and excitement. Cowboy hats, bowler hats, flower hats, chef hats, straw hats, the list went on. Many of the hats were handmade depicting various themes like conservation of animals, forests and water and so on.

The tiny tots proved that whenever you wear a hat your day becomes special. They went back home with everlasting memories of a fun-filled day.

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