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Images Med Clinic organizes two-day seminar
November 21, 2016, 2:03 pm

Images Med Clinic held a two-day seminar and workshop under the direction of Images Med Clinic owner and MRI and CT imaging consultant, Dr. Yehia Sulaiman, in association with Dr. Laurent Macron from the George Pomedo Hospital in Paris, and Senior Imaging technologist Salah Elzaaneen at Images Med Clinic.

The conference and workshop was centered on the discussion of modern methods for patients with cardiovascular issues, and participants highlighted the latest technology and researches that would help patients in dire need. The workshop featured extensive lectures, including one that stressed on the best use protocols for MRI and CT imaging that would ensure patient safety.

In addition, all present joined in an open conversation to debate these tests in Kuwait and their effectiveness particularly emphasizing their performance standards. Dr. Sulaiman spoke on the importance of such events to enhance the quality of services provided by Images Med Clinic and underscored how it will benefit the medical staff and improve patient care. He added that it was in the public interest that professionals should understand the latest international standards for MRI and CT imaging equipment available at Images Med Clinic.


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