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Idukki Association-Kuwait organized ‘Kabadaattam’ family picnic
April 9, 2018, 1:16 pm

Idukki Association-Kuwait (IAK) held its family picnic titled ‘Kabadaattam’ on Friday, 6 April at Kabd in Kuwait. The family picnic started with a large crowd assembled in anticipation of a fun-filled day. Executive committee gave a warm welcome to the members. President Jeral Jose, General Secretary Jackson Chacko, Treasurer Jose Thomas, Vice President Tom Edayodi, Secretary Shamla Biju and Joint Treasurer Emil Mathew expressed their felicitations.

At the picnic spot, IAK honored eight children of members who had left Kuwait for higher studies namely Maria Nixon, Joshua Shaju, Adam Roy, Shadaba Shilu, Shabin Shilu, Dan Georgie, Deron Dias and Deion Dias. Executive members Burce Chacko, Roy Joseph, Tobin Mathew, Georgy Mathew, Biju Joseph, Roy Abraham, Nix K Baby and Binoy M K, handed over mementos the children. IAK honored Executive Member Roy Joseph and family who are going back to India for good. IAK Advisory team Joy Mundakkatt, Georgie Mathew,Sunilkumar, Titto Joseph, Dias Joseph and Berly Shilu handed over the memento.

Vanitha Vedi Chairperson Shamla Biju conducted the games in a wonderful way. Kids and parents enjoyed the day with games and fun outside the house including a tug of war organized by Vanithavedi. It was a wonderful gathering of members and an opportunity to catch-up and interact among friends. Balloon slide and swimming pool were the main attractions for the children.

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