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IWG hosts annual seasonal dinner
December 17, 2018, 2:36 pm

The International Women’s Group (IWG) gathered to celebrate the season with their annual dinner held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on the evening of 9 December.

The Christmas decorated ballroom was filled with IWG members and friends, allowing women of different cultures and backgrounds to socialize and share general knowledge. This fun-filled season makes it ideal to welcome the New Year with one heart and one wish for peace across the globe.

Clethe Gubler, President of IWG and wife of the Ambassador of Switzerland to Kuwait, welcomed the ladies and wished them well for the night and the year ahead.  She also conveyed the warm wishes on behalf of Honorary Chairperson of the group Sheikha Anwar Al Sabah.

The evening was full of entertaining acts and games that kept the attendees entertained.  A talented Middle Eastern band (arranged by the Embassy of Palestine) performed live oriental music, and a video was broadcast that highlighted the different celebration methods that Middle Eastern cultures adopt for the season.

Many beautiful gifts were given out including beautiful crystals from Santa, lovely poinsettias, several gift vouchers from Sears, Mais Al Ghanim and Nana Salon as well as a huge TV screen as the big raffle prize. Attendees were very excited over the gifts they received. 

It was a wonderful and truly jolly evening that was accompanied with performance art and delicate cuisine. The memory will be cherished and remembered as a great end to 2018 and a fabulous start to 2019 for all IWG members.

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