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IWG concludes its 2013-14 session
June 22, 2014, 1:32 pm

The International Women’s Group held their final session early this June at Radisson Blu where the members participated in an international dress competition.  Wife of the Armenian Ambassador, Anna Nalbandyan was given first place for her extravagant attire.

Second place was given to Erfinda Gusti who wore the Indonesian traditional dress and the wife of Japanese Ambassador Eriko Tsujihara came in third with her fancy kimono. Another significant event which took place was the election of the new IWG president- Mrs. Jayalakshmi Wijeratne, wife of the Sri Lankan Ambassador to Kuwait. Mrs. Wijeratne stated that she would do her best as the new president to further enhance the multicultural relationship amongst the various nationalities of the IWG.

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