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IWA holds 'Women’s unity against Fascism' conference
November 29, 2017, 5:47 pm

Women, community leaders, social activists from across Kuwait and from Kerala, stood united as one and took firm oath to resist increasing atrocities of fascism, in a unique conference organized Friday, 24 November at Central school Auditorium in Abbasiya by Islamic Women’s Association (IWA), the women’s wing of Kerala Islamic Group, Kuwait. 

Deeapa Nisanth, the famous writer, social activist and professor of Sree Kerala Verma College, in her key note address said that when the people are facing increasing problems due to Fascist style atrocities in India, she cannot stand neutral. “I don’t need the adornment of being neutral when injustice is seen, and being neutral in situations of injustice, we have chosen the side that of the oppressor. I would like to be with the victim and the oppressed rather than staying neutral,” she continued.

JIHK executive member P.V. Rahmabi Inaugurated the conference and reflecting the event’s title and call, ‘Women’s unity against Fascism’, she reiterated to the packed audience, that it is far more important than ever before for us to stand united as one and it is our political responsibility to fight increasing atrocities of fascism.  By choosing this title for the conference, Kuwait Malayalees have once again shown their high caliber and farsightedness, she added.

It has always been the cunning agenda of the corporates who join hands with the fascist regime, to keep us scared, marginalize us and divide us for their vested interest, said P. Ruksana, yet another dignitary and Secretary of JIHK women’s wing, in her speech.

IWA President Mehabooba Anees in her presidential address said that IWA empowers women and forges links of solidarity with those who are fighting to resist ever-worsening crisis of Neo-Fascism. By utilizing the available democratic means and ways we should resist fascism which is trying to divide and destroy the fabric of secularism, communal harmony and the noble principles of unity in diversity in India.

Leaders from local women’s organizations, social activists and writers from Kuwait such as Licy Kuriakose, Mani Kutty, Sobhana Nair, Keerthy Sumesh, Sobha Suresh, Reena Blessen, Mini Satheesh, Sherin etc. blessed the event with their gracious presence.  Earlier the program started by IWA sisters wing, rendering the Malayalam version of opening chapter of the Holy Quran. The visiting dignitaries distributed prizes to the winners of hand-written magazine competition conducted for the Girls wing. Showcasing their talents and reflecting the conference theme the girls also performed dance items and songs with anti-fascist lyrics. KIG President Faisal Manjeri did the concluding speech. 

IWA vice president Sumayya Niyaz led the session to take a firm oath against fascism, Secretary Najuma Shereef welcomed the gathering and program convener Ramla Abdul Rahman proposed the vote of thanks.

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