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IOM: Migrants, refugees to Europe by sea in 2015 four times total for 2014
November 10, 2015, 5:03 pm

The International organization for Migration (IOM) on Tuesday said that the arrivals of migrants and refugees to Europe by sea in 2015 approached 800,000 through the first week of November, a figure that amounts to nearly four times the total for all of 2014. "IOM reports the total number of fatalities on these routes now total 3,455 - although we caution that we may be seeing some discrepancies in Greece and Spain where migrants previously counted as "missing" now are confirmed fatalities, a factor which should not change the overall count, but may have been double-counted by our research team", explained Joel Millman, the spokesperson of the IOM in a press briefing in UN office in Geneva.

"We can report confidently that, according to Hellenic Police, an estimated 17,600 migrants and refugees crossed into Greece from Friday (6/11) to Sunday (8/11). Some 6,803 arrived on Friday, 6,340 on Saturday and 4,528 on Sunday. Weather conditions were fine and migrants and refugees continued to board boats", he added.

However, the death toll continued to rise, with the Greek coast guard recovering eight bodies off Lesbos and Agathonisi during the weekend. They included a two- to three-year-old boy. The IOM is reporting the recovery of the remains of a dozen or so migrants off Greece since last Thursday night, however staffers on the islands caution that many of these so-called "new" fatalities are simply confirmations of the dozens who were declared "missing" in a series of shipwrecks over the past week.

The number of migrants and refugees crossing from Greece to the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) also reached 26,840 between 6.00 am Monday November 2 and 6.00 am Monday November 9.

From the beginning of this year, over 141,700 migrants and refugees have arrived in Italy. The largest nationality group at the end of October was from Eritrea (37,796). This was followed by Nigeria (19,576), Somalia (11,020), Sudan (8,692) and Syria (7,232).

In 2015 the number of Nigerian, Somali and Sudanese arrivals in Italy has more than doubled from 2014. The number of Syrians has fallen dramatically to about a fifth of those arriving in the first 10 months of last year. Most Syrians now try to reach Europe via Turkey, Greece and the Western Balkans. Some 630,000 migrants and refugees, mostly from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq, have reached the Greek islands so far in 2015. 

Source: KUNA


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Shagow  Posted on : February 13, 2016 10:36 am
The Greek people are suiefrfng many problems. Austerity, poverty, unemployment .All crimes should be prosecuted, by migrants, Greeks, etc. And the police, understaffed and underpaid are not doing it. I can understand your frustration.But if you think neo-Nazi thugs some kind of solution, you are wrong, And no, they're not beating criminal immigrants. They beat all of them..Amnesty is a whistleblower organization not a charity. It does not give anyone money, that's not it's role.

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