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INN & GO launches in Kuwait
May 28, 2016, 4:05 pm

INN & GO Hotels and Resorts, a dynamic and unique hotel group, recently announced the launch of the group in Kuwait.

Set to cater to Kuwait’s growing business travel and family leisure market, the management of Inn & Go said it was confident the launch would mark a milestone for many more successful ventures in the future.

INN & GO Hotels strongly believes that every individual is unique and has different sets of requirements. Therefore it delivers services tailored exclusively for its guests; whether they are time bound business travellers, aspiring entrepreneurs, newly-weds or “one big family” as the hotel puts it.

The management is enthusiastic about the promising future of the expected hotels; established with a strong compliance of the highest quality standards for hotel and resort management and services, with talented qualified staff to deliver tailored services and a plethora of international and local cuisine and experience.

The hotel facilities will have a uniquestyle in delivering tailored services to the guest whether it is to provide constant support to the business traveler, or providing a relaxing atmosphere to a leisure traveler, or offering and entertaining and creating an unforgettable trip for families without “breaking their budget”.

The local markets will undoubtedly welcomethis initiative, which constitutes a contemporary and elegant outlook for hospitality, in addition to delivering value, quality services and state-of-the art facilities.

The management of INN & GO Hotel and Resorts is looking forward to its management of the first hotel in Kuwait before the end of 2016. Furthermore, the management of INN & GO Hotels and Resorts is envisioning a future for 2021 - with numerous hotel boutiques distributed throughout Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, the Philippines and the Maldives.

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