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INJAZ organizes Innovation Camp for ICSK students
December 11, 2017, 11:47 am

An Innovation Camp was organized by the INJAZ group along with mentors from different fields of the corporate world on 23 November in the Indian Community School Kuwait (ICSK) Senior School auditorium. The welcome address was delivered by Atiq Dhanse followed by a motivational speech by the Principal Dr. V. Binumon. Mariam Abdelkhalek, Program Executive, INJAZ, outlined the objectives and plan of Innovation Camp. The students of 12th Commerce stream were randomly put into groups. Each group was assigned a mentor who guided them through the special one-day camp.

The INJAZ Innovation Camp was an activity-filled day which presented different opportunities to the participants to showcase their talents of quick thinking and public speaking. As students of commerce, this valuable experience helped the students to apply textbook knowledge to real-life situations of starting a business.

Interactive videos were shown and frequent questions were put up to different teams about corporate topics and business terms such as innovation, startup, failure and entrepreneurship.

Then the groups had an activity on the mute organization, which was a silent exercise of organizing group members according to their birth month, which helped them realize the importance of effective communication within a team. 

Each group had to solve a specific problem they normally face during their daily activity when they go out for recreational activities like problems during shopping and parking and then solving the problem by creating solutions.

In the next exercise, the group was given one hour to create a business from scratch starting from forming a basic product or service right up to the stage of finalizing the revenue and finance channels, and marketing plans. The outcome of which was that the students created innovative services such as beach cleaning company, swimming training centres and all year round water parks which was presented by the group members for the judging round.

At the end, the students presented their business plans, which were evaluated by judges and 3 teams were awarded top three places. The vote of thanks was given by Mr. Manish, Head of the Department of Commerce. All the students left the auditorium with a smile on their face, innovative ideas in their head and a lovely experience in their heart. 

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