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INJAZ-Kuwait launched its summer campaign for its partner companies
July 22, 2015, 4:04 pm

As part of INJAZ-Kuwait’s 10th anniversary celebrations, INJAZ-Kuwait launched one of its campaigns, titled, 'Engaging 10 Partner Companies to Empower Kuwait’s Future Leaders' student summer campaign where partner companies employees’ children were given the opportunity to take part in INJAZ-Kuwait’s program, Entrepreneurship Master Class (EMC). 

Habchi and Chalhoub, part of the Chalhoub Group retail company, was announced the winner for signing up the most number of students to participate in INJAZ’s Entrepreneurship Master Class (EMC). The EMC program aims to educate participating students on self-employment, problem solving, teamwork, leadership, risk management, running businesses while offering them the chance to meet successful entrepreneurs. The EMC program held a six hour workshop for almost 100 middle school students highlighting entrepreneurial business practices as well as communication strategies within business environments.

INJAZ-Kuwait’s CEO, Rana Al-Nibari praised the number of students who registered and the participation of the companies involved, she said, “INJAZ’s core values have always revolved around the concept of youth empowerment and developing this core value through the power of partnership. The success of our summer campaign, with the participation of many companies as partners and the number of students who joined reaffirm INJAZ’s stance in investing in Kuwait’s future by educating the country’s youth in entrepreneurial and business culture.”

Habchi and Chalhoub’s Strategy & Innovation Manager, Zeina Ramadan, said, “Supporting Injaz and taking part in The Entrepreneurship Master Class are both in line with our mission to contribute to Youth Education in Kuwait. Habchi & Chalhoub, part of The Chalhoub Group, is keen on developing this aspect as part of our Social Responsibility Program but also as a main driver of local economies. Partnering with a professional and qualified NGO like INJAZ is definitely the best way to assure our sustainability and responsible engagement goals.”

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