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INJAZ Kuwait celebrates its partners in success at Ramadan Ghabga
May 31, 2018, 3:08 pm

In celebration of the Holy Month of Ramadan and its traditions of giving, INJAZ Kuwait organized a ghabga for its staff and partners in success. The event, held on 28 May, brought together the organization’s volunteers and supporting entities in a familial setting at the Movenpick Hotel in Bedae.

Guests enjoyed a magical night full of the customary Arabic hospitality and Ramadan spirit set against a backdrop accompanied by traditional Eastern music. During the event, INJAZ Kuwait showed its appreciation and honoured many of its partners and volunteers who helped the organization throughout the years.

 Laila Hilal Al-Mutairi, CEO of INJAZ Kuwait, hailed the efforts of staff and volunteers, commending them on their hard work. “INJAZ’s journey of success continues with your efforts and with the help of our esteemed partners, who have dedicated their time to develop and inspire the youth into becoming the visionary leaders of our future. We strive to build and maintain these relationships with our partners in success to empower the youth to fulfil their ambition towards a better economy, and to foster a culture of volunteering in this society,” she said.

“I would like to thank each member of our staff for their utmost commitment and professionalism in the work that they do, and extend my deepest gratitude to all organizations and companies in the public and private sector who contributed their patronage and support. The results of this are manifested in the apparent growth of INJAZ Kuwait and its achievements that have surpassed even the most optimistic of expectations,” Al Mutairi added.

During the evening, guests enjoyed several entertaining segments, including collecting Girgi’an, a special booth to take commemorative photos. A video of the volunteers’ experiences and efforts was also played at the event, which was met with resounding success.

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