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IMA launches campaign to commemorate 25 years of service
September 22, 2018, 1:10 pm

Indian Muslim Association (IMA) recently organized a spectacular launch of its campaign to commemorate 25 years of service in Kuwait at the Grand Mosque in Kuwait.

As part of the campaign, IMA will be holding various social, cultural, educational and religious events until the end of November and will culminate with a Grand Convention on 30 November at Grand Mosque of Kuwait in the presence of many dignitaries. Dr. Abullah Sulaiman Al Ateequi of Jamiyatul Islah Kuwait and Mohammad Ali from Grand Mosque graced the campaign launch and commended the efforts of Indian Community in Kuwait to promote goodness.

Following recitation from the Holy Quran, IMA President Masood Shahab welcomed the audience with his inaugural speech. Addressing the campaign launch program, which was also coincided with the Islamic New Year, Abdul Aziz, a visiting scholar from India, said that migration of Prophet Mohammad pbuh, which is considered as the base event to establish an Islamic Calendar, has many relevant lessons in it.

Adaptability to change, strategies for the betterment, social stability are some of the prime lessons to be learned from the migration he said. Another visiting scholar Moulana Mohammad Ilyas Falahi speaking at the event said that Islamic Calendar highlights the importance of time management, planning and organized work.

A website designed specifically to promote the ’25 years commemoration campaign of IMA’, which can be visited at, was inaugurated by well-known businessman in Kuwait Muzammil Malik.

Sharafuddin Soofi, gave a PowerPoint presentation highlighting the services of IMA during the last 25 years and also briefed the audience about the various activities planned as part of the campaign, as well as about the mega conference slated for 30 November.

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