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IMA hosts interfaith Iftar get-together
July 14, 2014, 2:56 pm

Indian Muslim Association (IMA-Kuwait) Abbasiya, Salmiya, City, Youthwing and Khaitan Units in cooperation with IPC organized an interfaith Iftar Party at Rajdhani Palace restaurant in Khaitan inviting people from various faiths to foster friendship on Friday , 11 July. Well known orator Hasan Taha, delivered a lecture on the topic “The Role of Religion in a Plural Society”.

He said that belief in God will have major implication in every aspect of every individual’s life and hence it should be an intelligent, well thought of choice rather than just a blind adherence of traditions. He quoted verses from various religious scriptures and emphasized that all major religions fundamentally teach monotheism and similar attributes of God.

He further said that our own body which is very complex in nature with inherent temperature balancing system, digestive system, immunity against diseases proves that we have a creator and purpose of life.  God has provided us with intelligence and freedom of choice to make better choices for our life including faith in God. 

He said that “God conscious person should be compassionate towards fellow human beings, animals and environment. God will not forgive any atrocities committed towards fellow human beings unless the fellow human forgives him.”  He also answered questions from the audiences on various aspects related to fasting and Islam.

Nisar Ahmed a research analyst from Kuwait institute for scientific research held a presentation on “Role of Religion in promoting Peace”.  He said that belief in God changes the attitude & behavior of a person especially when we believe that the God is watching us. Dr. Roy  Francis, President - Indian Dentists' Alliance in Kuwait, Guruparasad Hegde President - Buntara Sangha -Kuwait, and Mohammed Al Harbi, Manager Oil & Gas -  Joint Opeartion who were the guests of honor representing various major associations in Kuwait also addressed the audiences and appreciated the efforts of IMA in bringing together people from different faith. 

Large number of people from various faiths and representatives of various associations attended the gathering. The Program was convened by Rizwan Ahmed. Vote of thanks was given by Ahmed Ali ( IMA Gen. Sec.) The Program started with the recitation of the verses from the Holy Quran by Master Mohammad Imaduddin and concluded with a buffet dinner.

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