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IMA Youthwing program attended by 150 people
August 5, 2015, 11:59 am

The Program was opened with the recitation of Holy Quran by Brother Qizar. Following this was an introduction of IMA Youthwing by Brother Wajid Hashmi. He briefly described the activities and goals of Youthwing in various sectors from Spiritual upliftment as per the Quran and hadith, Social Service, Career enhancement, Job support and sports campaign. He encouraged the attendees to be involved socially with Youthwing or any other organization which spreads the message of Islam and truth. He also shared the special status and importance in the hereafter of those believers who gather for the almighty.

The main Guest speaker for the event was 'Janab Sifat Alam' whose lectures are aired on Kuwait radio. He shared his knowledge on the subject of  "Our Days & Nights after Ramadan“.

He emphasized the importance of Ramadhan as spiritual training and cleansing of the soul for believers and that Ramadan should enable a Muslim to spend the next 11 months of the year in a similar manner. Fasting brings about self-control over the soul and enjoins good and forbids evil. He also enlightened us on the importance of reading Quran with understanding, and that Quran was not just revealed for Muslims, but the whole of Humanity irrespective of their race or religion. 

Along with the FARZ namaz we should also pray the Sunnat al Mawqida which are 12 in total & whoever performs this, Allah SWA shall build a house for him / her in Jannah. One should also fast the 6 days of Shawwal. Prophet SAW would also prefer to fast on the Monday and Thursday as on those days it is said that our deeds are submitted to Allah SWT. 
Janab Sifat Alam quoted Dr. Mohd. Ali that when the moon is at its completion, it affects the earth and its inhabitants in such a manner that has scientific benefits on health and relieves tension on those who fast during this period.

The program was then followed by an Islamic quiz competition that was conducted by brother Meraj along with Prize distribution. This was then followed by the last topic - “Ideal Youth“ delivered by brother Nisar Ahmad.

He introduced the topic by stating the story of  Prophet Ibrahim AS who realized at a very young age that there is only One true God and the struggles and hardship of delivering the message of Islam to the people. He also reminded us that if the Youth of any nation is God fearing and implements the message of truth, then that race will always lead them to prosperity and if they are not abiding by Allah’s laws, they lead to destruction and severe trials on that nation. History has been a witness to this on countless nations.

Re-asserting the importance of staying connected with an organization, one should try not to stay alone as staying alone makes him an easy prey to the Devils mischief.

An Ideal Muslim Youth should always depend on Allah at all times in spite of the difficulties and that the power lies with him alone. And to strive as much as possible to gain knowledge and share with others. Finally, a certificate distribution ceremony took place. The certificates were distributed to those who has successfully completed their IOSH Safety Course. Program concluded with a Dua.

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