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IMA YouthWing Sports Day 2013
December 16, 2013, 1:08 pm

The ‘Sports Day 2013’ event organized by IMA YouthWing, Kuwait at South Khaitan has concluded with Bismillah Swedish Team's outstanding victory in the final Volley Ball match. This was their consecutive second victory in IMA YouthWing Tournament. Program commenced with the Quranic recitation by Br. Khizar. President of IMA Kuwait, Mr. Janab Masood Shehab Saab, was the Chief Guest on the occasion, who inaugurated the sports event. â€¨ â€¨

Br.Wajid Hashmi, Secretary, IMA YouthWing in his short speech, spoke about the importance of sports and how it is a means to develop peace of mind, brotherhood and respect. He congratulated and wished all the teams’ good luck â€¨ â€¨In welcome speech Mr. Janab Arshad Habib Sab said: “In Islam, sports are perceived as an important means to gain a healthy body and mind. Sports like swimming, archery, running and horse riding are especially encouraged in Hadith.”

He further noted that if aim is leisure and maintaining good health, then sport is permissible. If it involves actions such as missing prayers, forgetting our responsibilities towards family and having very aggressive feelings towards opponent and so on, then its haraam. 

Further, he also appealed the masses to be a part of IMA YouthWing activities .
 â€¨A total of 14 teams and a large enthusiastic crowd participated in the tournament. The matches were played in 4 rounds. Some of the finest teams from Kuwait participated in the tournament such as Shuaiba NCC, FWA-1, FWA-2 , Bismillah Swedish, Salmiya Champs, etc.

The final volley ball match was played between Shuaiba NCC and Bismillah Swedish. President of KMWA Janab Hassan Yusuf Sab, and President of IMA YouthWing, Br. Rizwan Ahmad, presented the medals and Trophies to the Winners and Runner-up teams.

The results of the exciting matches are: volley Ball Winners: Bismillah Swedish; Tug of War winners: Shuaiba NCC and relay running race winners: Swedish Team.


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